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Dean Winchester: mouth appreciation - for anon

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What's your favourite monster?

I can’t think of one off the top of my head… I don’t really watch for/enjoy the monsters. There are some that are cool but sorry to say none are coming to mind :/

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Killian Jones trying hard to be the pirate he used to be…

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I was going through a survey and came to this question and

I know, survey. I know. It is too large.


But it’s true. Thank you, friends! <3

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I really enjoyed all of Sam, Dean, and Gadreel’s scenes from Meta Fiction, but… I’m so bored with the Cas and angels stuff. Cas doesn’t want to be a leader, Cas leads anyways; Cas doesn’t want to follow bad orders, Cas follows orders anyways; Cas doesn’t, Cas does. If he doesn’t start doing something that’s actually interesting, that doesn’t rely on his being an angel, then I must admit, I won’t miss him if he doesn’t return at some point.

I’ve loved Cas since he first showed up but his stories have been so repetitive and boring lately, I honestly wouldn’t mind to just skip the scenes altogether. My favorite episodes are usually ones where Cas is either not involved, or he has a story unrelated to Heaven. I really hope the writers can pick up his story and make it interesting by the season finale, and onwards if he’s gonna stick around :)

i prefer dashing rapscallion.

aloha michelle | catherine & steve 3/7

I feel like I gotta message b/c you have such great respect for Sam when he gets so much hate. It's kinda an observation: Even though Dean's been acting standoffish at Sam lately and lying and stuff, he's not getting the same reign of hate Sam did w/ demon blood. Every little spark of anger Sam has toward Dean, it seems he's chewed out. Dean is given a free pass. Or at least that's what I've seen around Tumblr. Just kind noticed that and wondered if you did too or had any thoughts on it.

It’s a sad fact. But instead of wishing that the blame would be more evenly laid, I wish that the blame would just stop! Look there are times where I see what Sam is doing and I think ‘okay, man, cut it out, it’s been going on long enough’ but then I put myself in his shoes and I realize that I would be acting a lot worse to my sibling if they had done something to me that went so far against what I thought was right. And then I look at Dean and sometimes I think he’s acting badly, but each time I quickly realize that everyone makes mistakes. So instead of chewing out one brother and wondering why the other isn’t getting any flack, how about we just stop all the anger and bickering altogether?

If only it were possible.



when you’re writing and you come up with that one fucking killer line


I love it when my writing and I are able to work together in such harmony

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