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I make gifs, fanvids, fanfics, and generally just spend a lot of time talking about how perfect Dean and Sam, and Jensen and Jared are. I will defend canon until I die. No wincest, just brother lovin'.

Waiting impatiently for season 10.

Strongly against destiel

You and Me
come whatever

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@ dazzyn   Jensen “scruffmonster” Ackles at Rising Con 2010


@ dazzyn   Jensen “scruffmonster” Ackles at Rising Con 2010


 Look, there’s sure as hell demons. And maybe there is a God. I don’t know. Fine. But I’m not a hypocrite. I never prayed before and I ain’t starting now. If I go to hell, I’m going honest. How ‘bout you? ∞ 

That’s okay. I’m more of a lone wolf.

That’s okay. I’m more of a lone wolf.

"There was a picture that I..’tweeted’..?…I put out there, that was a selfie of Jared and I sitting in the Impala. My camera, the selfie one, was busted, so I actually took that with Jared’s phone.” [video]

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Jared and Jensen joking about working for nine years back in season 1

They had no idea!  No idea how loved they would be.

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My wife was in was in labour for 52 hours. So when the baby was born our first two days were spent kind of being terrified.

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What, you gonna sleep all day?

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endless list of favorite movies: Pretty Woman (1990)

I’m actually - no, I’m not a planner. I wouldn’t say I’m a planner. I would say I’m a kinda fly by the seat of my pants gal. You know, moment to moment. Yeah that’s me.

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