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I make gifs, fanvids, fanfics, and generally just spend a lot of time talking about how perfect Dean and Sam, and Jensen and Jared are. I will defend canon until I die. No wincest, just brother lovin'.

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Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes → Jump the Shark

Reason: Considering how much blood Sam’s lost, it’s a wonder he can even sit up, but with Dean’s help, he manages. And instantly Dean’s finding towels and wrapping them around Sam’s sliced arms, wincing at his brother’s pain. The way Dean’s hands hold Sam’s arms makes me smile because he’s so careful and sweet. Plus Jared’s acting in this scene is unbelievable. You truly, without a doubt, believe that he is in absolute agony and his expressions and groans of pain only emphasize that. He hit this scene out of the park.