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It’s very easy to miss Jensen’s incredible acting when it comes to Priestly because Priestly seems so care free, undaunted, and out going, and he is without a doubt effortlessly acted. However this moment made me realize just how much Jensen put into Priestly. In this scene, Priestly’s in the background, not even in focus, as Tad and Brad enter the Grill for the first time. Priestly glances back when he hears Tish rush over to help them and when he notices who they are - or rather what they are, look at how he stiffens, how his brows fall and his eyes darken. There’s an immediate change in his attitude and stature when he spots them and sees how Tish reacts to Tad. It’s so obvious that Priestly cares for Tish and hates seeing her with guys like Tad, but it’s also incredibly understated and barely noticeable. This just makes me respect Jensen so much more.