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I make gifs, fanvids, fanfics, and generally just spend a lot of time talking about how perfect Dean and Sam, and Jensen and Jared are. I will defend canon until I die. No wincest, just brother lovin'.

Waiting impatiently for season 10.

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Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  Hello, Cruel World

Reason: You see the way Sam looks from his hand to Dean and then releases a slow breath? The Dean that he believed had been real hours before had not once touched him in any way. Lucifer spoke to him, drove him, held a door open for him, even took a beer from Sam, but he made no physical contact. The fact that the real Dean takes Sam’s hand and holds it, proving to Sam that the warm skin he feels, the pressure, the touch is real - that he is real - shows how well Dean understands his brother. Their reality is based on touch and contact. It’s what they know makes the world real.