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Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  99 Problems

Reason: Dean had hoped that after his confession to Lisa about picturing her in his ‘happily ever after’, he would be able to just walk away. With what was looming ahead of him, he assumed that this would be his last conversation with her, so telling her the truth about his feelings was harmless. At least she would know the truth and could move on. But instead of letting him leave, she offers him a beer and a chance to talk because, as she says in not so many words, she can see herself with him too. That isn’t what he wanted. He declines the invitation and begins to leave when she stops him. And this is his reaction. He’s painfully torn between the realization that she actually cares for him and the knowledge of what he’s about to do. He doesn’t want her to care for him because he’s ready to walk into a battle that he’s not going to walk away from.

He manages to hold his emotions through this visit but he very nearly loses control here. The way he holds his bottom lip is very telling of that. And I have no doubt that after he left, once he was out of Lisa’s sight, he let his walls crumble.