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Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  When the Levee Breaks

Reason: Dean is, in a sense, in mourning at this point. Even though he’s looking right at his brother, it’s a stranger standing before him. He’s realized now that his brother is as good as dead and he’s left without any hope of reasoning with him. There’s a lack of emotion on Dean’s face by the time he recovered from the punch - a moment of utter hopelessness. Sam on the other hand is so sure that he’s doing the right thing that he is willing to almost kill his brother to get his shot at revenge… at the thing that killed his brother in the first place.

Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  Rock and a Hard Place

Reason: In the past, Dean has always been very careful with his money, and he has almost never given any away without Sam telling him to, and when he did, it came with a huff or sigh or some kind of retort to Sam afterwards. But here, Sam isn’t telling Dean to give Slim some money, Dean simply digs into his pocket and pulls out a few bills for the homeless man. Dean didn’t look over the dirty, probably smelly man and grimace, he instead smiled at him and was compassionate and appreciative. And Slim seems shocked by his act of generosity. You want to talk about character development? Let’s start with this scene.

Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  Asylum

Reason: There’s so many little things I love about this scene. First, Dean thought ahead enough to know that Sam had most likely been attacked and would try to kill him, so he empties his gun and later hands it to Sam, knowing that Sam wouldn’t be bothered to check if it was loaded. Then there’s the fact that Dean actually encourages Sam to pull the trigger. “Do it!” he shouts, immediately causing Sam to act, and when nothing happens, the look between then where they both just stare at each other is heartbreaking. Sam isn’t really Sam, but Dean is wholly Dean and you can see how much Sam’s willingness to kill his brother hurts him, if only for a few seconds. And finally,I love how Dean waits for Sam to become frustrated with the gun, his attention on that instead of Dean, before he grabs Sam’s arms and knocks him down with one punch.

Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  Two Minutes to Midnight

Reason: The brothers are in bad shape, and getting worse by the second. Nearing Pestilence gives them several different diseases and viruses that causes their bodies to grow weaker and though thye try to press on, Dean finally stops, unable to continue by himself. So Sam, equally as pained, nauseated, dizzy, and exhausted, slowly goes to his brother and tries to help him. Though the help quickly turns into stumbling and falling, it’s one of the cutest moments in the series because Dean is almost always the one to help his brother stand or continue on, yet in this moment Sam does his best to put his own agony aside in order to help Dean.

Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  No Exit

Reason: My initial reaction to this scene was ‘aww Dean’s so twisted and grouchy and adorable’ but then I watched it again and now I’m saying ‘aww’ for a whole new reason. First, the reason Dean was so twisted and grouchy is because he was sleeping on a recliner, not a bed or even a couch. The ‘big soft bed’ was Jo’s right off because she was a girl and girls get the bed. And the reason the couch wasn’t available was because Sammy got that, no doubt at Dean’s insistence, which left an uncomfortable and awkward chair for his bed. Secondly, the first thing Dean does when he wakes up is look around the room for Sam and then ask Jo where his brother is. I also can’t help but love the fact that Dean doesn’t get upset when he finds out that he slept badly when he could have enjoyed the unused bed, he just accepts her reason for not using it and moves on.

Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  No Rest For the Wicked

Reason: What gets me about this scene is how honest Dean’s fear is. Because it’s a dream, his usual protective mask of forced smiles and sarcasm is gone. And in its place is the most unspeakable horror and fear painted blatantly on his face.

Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  Dark Side of the Moon

Reason: Sam’s reaction to Dean being struck is what makes this scene so memorable to me. Both times Zachariah punches Dean, Sam reacts as if he’s been punched himself. More than that, the silent warning he sends Zachariah is clear. If Sam wasn’t held back by the angel’s grip, I have no doubt that Sam would have charged at Zachariah, with or without an angel blade. His only thought was to stop Dean from being hurt.

Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  Provenance

Reason: This is such a sweet and sad shot. After Dean asks Sam if his apprehensions about seeing Sarah Blake are in regards to Jessica, he adds that he would assume Jess would want Sam to be happy and have fun sometimes. And this is Sam’s response. He’s silent for a moment, thoughtful, and slowly a smile curves his lips. It’s clear that he’s thinking about Jess and some memory that he has with her, probably of her telling him to ‘stop being such a party pooper’ when it came to parties. But almost as quickly as he fondly remembers her, the smirk disappears because it’s just a memory. He’ll never hear her gently tell him off or hear her laugh again. It’s so poignant and effortlessly portrayed.

Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  Hell House

Reason: This was one of the lighter episodes of the series and this moment in particular is such a departure from the regularly sober expressions. As they walk away from the Ghostfacers, after teasing them with lies, the boys are trying, and failing, to hide their smiles while Ed and Harry are begging for their misinformation. Dean’s got a better poker face but in the last gif you can see him biting his lip to keep from laughing too.

Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  Hook Man

Reason: I love Sam’s little nudge and the way Dean looks at him before he realizes that there’s a protocol to this whole church thing so he better follow it too, apparently. But what gets me the most about this scene is the fact that Sam knows how this goes. In Sacrifice he alludes to having gone to confession as a kid so he understands the processes where as Dean does not. Sam had put stock in church and God for a long time while Dean chose to believe in what he could see in front of him.

Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  Jus in Bello

Reason: Wow. This is really something. Henriksen has been taunting the brothers since he walked into the cell room, telling them that they’ll be held in places that are unfit for human living, recommending that Dean take a good, long look at Sam because they’ll never see each other again, and the brothers don’t really show any reaction. It’s obvious that they are holding back but they do. Until this. Henriksen goes so far as to say that John probably sexually abused the boys and immediately, Sam sits up, eyes forward, jaw jerking, and slowly turns to face the Agent. Dean turns, a glaring warning in his expression and tone. It’s a powerful moment because between the two of them, Sam and Dean will talk about their father’s faults and failures. But when someone else talks about him, and especially something as awful as this assumption, the brothers lose all ability to hide their disgust and anger.

Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  Appointment in Samarra

Reason: This is an incredible pivotal choice in Dean’s life. Taking off the ring essentially meant that Sam wouldn’t get his soul back, since Death was really Dean’s last shot. If Dean didn’t complete his day as Death, the deal was off and Sam would remain without his soul for the rest of their lives. Dean would continue to live with a brother who didn’t care about him - that is if Sam decided to stay with Dean. But even with that in mind, Dean chooses to remove the ring and save this guy’s life; because he’d already cost the man his wife and Dean wasn’t about to let him kill himself, too. This is just another example of Dean’s selfless character. In fact the whole episode showcases Dean’s caring and selfless attitude. Dean takes on the role of Death, even though he doesn’t really want to, because he thinks it will help Sam. He then chooses to let the little girl live because, for one thing, it’s completely unfair for a child to lose her life and for another, the girl’s father had no one else. Then, when he realizes what that choice cost the nurse’s husband, he basically gives up the chance to have his brother back to save the man’s life. The action isn’t done lightly and you can see his hesitation and struggles within himself of whether to save the stranger’s life or his brother’s.

Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  No Rest For the Wicked

Reason: I didn’t realize just how determined Sam was to die when it came time for Dean to. He’s all but telling Ruby that if she tries to keep him alive, he will send her back to hell so fast it would make her head spin. And the fact that he adds ‘bitch’ to the end of his statement is very telling because Sam doesn’t talk to demons like that. Dean does. Sam has been learning from Dean for years but suddenly, he started to put into practice things that Dean did and said - complete with being perfectly willing to die for Dean, if the situation came to demand it.

That night, Sam was determined that one of two things were going to happen. Either Dean was going to make it out of his deal alive or neither of them were.

Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  Dream a Little Dream of Me

Reason: This was not an easy thing for Dean to admit. For months, he’d been playing it cool, like the idea of going to Hell really didn’t bother him at all. And while he knew Sam wasn’t buying it, he kept up the charade for Sam’s sake. Odd as it may seem, in Dean’s mind, he thought that if he pretended that his coming death wasn’t a big deal, maybe Sam would think the same. But Sam constantly pushed Dean to drop the act and face his fear - because Sam wasn’t about to ignore his own fear. So finally, Dean does. And you can see Dean doesn’t come by this decision lightly. When he begins, he pauses like he’s considering brushing the subject off yet again. But he doesn’t, and you can see Sam physically relax at Dean’s confession. He’s relieved that his brother is at long last letting him in so they can carry the burden together.

Tracy’s never ending list of favorite scenes  99 Problems

Reason: Dean had hoped that after his confession to Lisa about picturing her in his ‘happily ever after’, he would be able to just walk away. With what was looming ahead of him, he assumed that this would be his last conversation with her, so telling her the truth about his feelings was harmless. At least she would know the truth and could move on. But instead of letting him leave, she offers him a beer and a chance to talk because, as she says in not so many words, she can see herself with him too. That isn’t what he wanted. He declines the invitation and begins to leave when she stops him. And this is his reaction. He’s painfully torn between the realization that she actually cares for him and the knowledge of what he’s about to do. He doesn’t want her to care for him because he’s ready to walk into a battle that he’s not going to walk away from.

He manages to hold his emotions through this visit but he very nearly loses control here. The way he holds his bottom lip is very telling of that. And I have no doubt that after he left, once he was out of Lisa’s sight, he let his walls crumble.